Napsugar von Bittera

NAPSVGAR is the new line from Napsugar von Bittera. The fashion designer, Napsugar Forgo has a vision for aesthetics in which automation and technology can be intelligently integrated into luxury. Her creations are inspired by innovation, soul, luxury, femininity, and humor.

 The meaning of her Hungarian name Napsugar / næpʃʊɡ.ər/ means “Sunshine” in English. She is a fashion-designer in the truest sense of the word. She personally controls every stage of product creation—from idea, to design, and manufacturing. Highest quality without compromise, is inherent to the brand. Napsugar’s broke through in 2010 when her creations were featured by Spiga2 in Milan. Spiga2 was founded by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Today, the brand presents at London and Paris Fashion Weeks. It is also represented in the fashion scene from Hong Kong to Italy, including the United States.

 The designer uses natural, body-friendly materials, mostly zoogenic fibers, surface manipulated leather, cashmere, genuine fur, silk, phylogenic materials, linen, cotton, intelligent textiles and traditional hand crafted shearling, including a unique Hungarian technique, called Pannofix.


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