N.PEAL – Cashmere



The well-dressed and well-heeled businessman Nat Peal was a plucky man who knew an opportunity when he saw one. In 1936, a shop lay vacant in London’s famous Burlington Arcade: the cashmere brand N.Peal was born. Three years later when war broke out Peal, quite fortuitously, found himself stationed on the Shetland Isles. From here, he could supply his new store with beautiful, high quality sweaters, woven directly from the wool of Scotland’s famous sheep. Being able to supply the London market with products of this quality and craftsmanship during ration time meant the N.Peal name became a name in demand.


We are a British brand and our home will always be London where we have five beautiful stores. Our flagship store has been within the famous Burlington Arcade, Mayfair since 1936. Refurbished a few years ago, the concept was taken from the clean refinement of those original Deco years when the greens were cool and minty and the typography had smooth curves. The result is a store and a branding that has echoes of those early days, but also feels utterly modern.

Our other stores are located within Knightsbridge, Covent Garden, Brook Street and St. James’s Piccadilly, and are all very individual yet still distinctively N.Peal.


We can trace our cashmere right back to the individual herders who tend their goats on the vast steppes of Mongolia. We understand the regional variation in quality. We set strict quality standards for the colour, fineness and length of the fibre we collect. We know every process of production from sorting to scouring, dehairing, dyeing, spinning, twisting, knitting, linking and finishing.

We really understand the supply chain and know what makes the difference to ensure great quality – we set the standards.

It is only through controlling the entire process, that we have become a reliable destination for the highest quality luxury cashmere



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