Milli Millu

Milli Millu was launched in October 2010 by Barcelona-born, London-based designer and entrepreneur Mireia Llusia-Lindh. Having attended university in Barcelona and Switzerland, Mireia went on to receive an MBA from Harvard Business School. She further developed her business skills and passion for fashion in London, working as a strategy advisor to numerous consumer and luxury goods firms such as Burberry and LVMH

Mireia launched Milli Millu with the aim to create the handbags she always wanted and could never find. “I embarked on a mission to create handbags with no compromises. They had to be contemporary, functional, luxurious yet attainable… and grateful.”

All our handbags feature our practical signature interior with multiple compartments and are handcrafted in the south of Spain using the finest Italian and Spanish materials. And for every bag purchased, we fund a set of lifesaving vaccines and treatments aimed to save the life of a child in need through the A Bag, A Life initiative.