Mattia Bonetti

The Wonder List had the privilege and honour of attending a first look of Mattia’s new collection at the David Gill Gallery, London. It was an inspiring experience meeting Mattia himself and hear about how he created some of his captivating pieces.

The exclusive 2017 collection is a significant and much-anticipated. It includes 32 pieces – a variety of tables, chairs, sofas, mirrors and lighting in his distinctive, luxurious and imaginative style. The collection will be presented in a solo show at David Gill Gallery, St James’s from 7th June – 8th July.

Mattia Bonetti is a Paris-based artist and designer. His work has been called whimsical, surreal and unique. Consistently merging the boundaries between art and design, Bonetti, who was born in Lugano, Switzerland, initially studied textile design at the Centro Scolastico per l’Industria Artistica.  Moving to Paris in 1972, Bonetti initially worked within his chosen field of textile design, but then developed a career as a stylist and photographer. Working in black and white film, Bonetti would shoot miniature interiors that he had made by hand, which in turn led to his love of furniture. Bonetti’s work has always begun with a free-hand sketch, which is then fabricated in materials including patinated bronze, gilding, acrylic, wood, rock crystal, marble, glass and gemstones.

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