Marc de Berny

Marc & Munira Bonnet de Berny are both entrepreneurs, passionate by Decorative Arts and Design, with both a long experience in craftsmanship, furniture production, designing and antiques.

They have decided to join forces in 2012 when they launched together Marc de Berny to celebrate the De Berny name, once a renowned furniture house at Château de Berny.

With projects ranging from bespoke pieces for private residences to palaces, Marc de Berny has been creating sophisticated and star pieces for interiors and hotels around the world.

Imagined in London and in Paris in combinations of materials and finishes, our collections respond to the creative and luminous vision of our designers and are made by the talented artisans using techniques going back centuries as well as new processes to give the contemporary styling.

The Munira collection consists of cabinetry, tables, upholstery, & lighting as in Francis Sultana’s past collections where bronze featured prominently, the designer has crafted a new texture which comes up in all of the pieces.
Cabinetry covered in parchment but not in the classical sense; to give a contemporary edge to the parchment it is in a high gloss that, paired with the chiselled wood and bronze, gives these pieces Francis Sultana’s signature tailored styling.

When I thought of a furniture house in the true French style, my inspiration should be that of the late 40s and 50s Paris style, even with a hint of the “style Afrique” as they called it in Paris. With the upholstered pieces for the presentation I have mixed classical linen with hand woven African-inspired patterns.

The pieces echo the elegance of the 1920s yet inspires memories of the 40s and 50s French styling. Francis Sultana’s has created a truly sophisticated collection for Marc de Berny


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