Lyfe Watches

When you wear a Lyfe watch, you are making more than one statement…First of all, you are showing that your appearance is important to you.  This timepiece, both smart and casual, is adaptable to its environment and looks perfect on both men and women.  The second impression you are giving is more personable, it’s your passion, telling someone that a cause is close to your heart and that you’re proud to support it.

Our focus is to offer an affordable watch which is simple yet beautiful in design, which contrasts its nato strap that comes in five bold colors.  Each elegant tone does not just compliment outfits for every occasion, it also represents an individual contribution to supporting charities worldwide.  We strive to deliver on both beauty and quality, and will always deliver anywhere, for free.  

20% Is sent directly to your charity.

#LyfeGreenEndPoverty-Helping the billions living in poverty.

#LyfeRedHelpChildren-Providing aid to children globally.

#LyfeYellowMentalHealth-Mental Health is the strongest taboo, join the movement to change this and support the suffering.

#LyfeBlueDisasterAid-Making a contribution to those affected by natural disasters around the world.

#LyfePinkBeatCancer-With the Pink NATO strap you will be playing a vital role in beating this condition that affects so many.


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