Luca Jouel

Luca Jouel is a boutique Australian fine jewellery brand that is committed to using ethically sourced materials to create sophisticated heirloom pieces. Each piece of Luca Jouel fine jewellery is custom crafted by expert jewellery makers in Australia using special hand-finishing touches designed to give the pieces a sense of the organic and timeless. Working with suppliers who comply to international standards such as the Kimberley Certification Scheme, Tereena Lucas, founder of the brand is dedicated to sourcing her gemstones and precious metals responsibly. In addition, her luxurious packaging made of bamboo can be transformed for other uses. She is also supports the Australian Childhood Foundation by donating a percentage of her sales. “Inspired by the fern, this medicinal plant represents unfolding of new life. What better accessory to adorn your ears this summer!” The Wonder List


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