Louboutin & Heatherwick

As iconic shoemaker Christian Louboutin launches his first perfume range, a look at how his collaboration with British architect Thomas Heatherwick ensured that the bottles are collectors’ items.

These are well-crafted perfumes – from bottle to scent. Says Louboutin, “I want you to experience the fragrance in the same way as you experience a piano note being played. So there is the ‘ping’, the first burst of the scent like the striking of the piano key, followed by a beautiful resonance as the note echoes its sound.” The bottles, like so many iconic designs in fashion, are a collaboration between Louboutin and British architect Thomas Heatherwick, famous for designing the Olympic cauldron for the London 2012 Olympics. Now, his studio has been able to turn Louboutin’s vision of “the liquid is alive” into a bottle. They met at a Christmas party, around the time that Louboutin was starting work on his fragrances. There was an instant spark, although Heatherwick admits that, while he knew of the shoe designer’s work, he was doubtful if Louboutin really knew about his studio’s work. He says, “I enjoyed speaking with someone who is focused on creativity, craftsmanship, and who has created a company. I suppose I could feel that Christian was really open about how he might – in a world where there are so many perfumes – find an angle that could be particular to his vision. Intellectually, that was very interesting to me.” www.christianlouboutin.com

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