Inspired by Bauhaus and Art Deco, the clear shapes and the warm matt gold shade create an attractive contrast to the futuristic display, which, at just 7 mm, is slimmer than most smartphones and has an almost floating quality. A high-quality fabric cover conceals the connections and cables on the back, and additional accessories if required.

OLED technology uses self-lighting organic pixels to generate unprecedented picture quality. In contrast to LCD, you do not require back lighting. When the pixels are switched off, the result is an intense and complete blackness. With a response time of less than a microsecond. From dazzling light to the darkest shadows. Rapid movements come alive with a whole new depth of vibrancy. Thanks to Dolby Vision, the bild 9 produces brilliant high dynamic range (HDR) images with a whole new level of depth and an amazing colour spectrum (wide colour gamut) for an extremely authentic reproduction of even the most subtle nuances. OLED images – moving, captivating and fascinatingly different.

Loewe’s London-based Creative Director has drawn on German depth and British lightness to combine sophistication with minimalism, craftsmanship with high-tech and opulence with understatement. Inspired by the Golden Twenties and Art Deco, he created bild 9, a television that radiates a presence and lightness so fascinating that it has an almost sculptural effect.

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