Limited Edition Longines Cufflinks

This item is produced in very small limited edition. It has its own roughness giving it a unique characteristic.

Vintage Hamilton Watch Movement Cufflinks Upcycling Heritage. Manufacturer: Longines. Country of Manufacture: Switzerland. Year built: 1972. Caliber: 410. Movement Jewels: 17 rubies. Movement markings: Longines/ 410/17 jewels/Swiss. Cufflinks come packaged in a collector box.

LC Collection Celebrates time through jewelry designed from watch movements, masterpiece of miniaturization between technical prowess and aesthetic pleasure. Imprinted of character, but also emotionally, LC Collection Jewelry are the witnesses of stories that freeze time in eternity. Intended for lovers of beautiful mechanical watches, these miniature works of art, combining vintage elegance and French-style luxury, are one of the rare jewellery items that an elegant man may wear on any occasion. They denote good taste and the exclusive nature of the person wearing them.


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