The formulas of all LE PURE products are based on 40 years of research of Marie Carrasquedo. She has built her own laboratory that has been specifically designed for the production of organic skincare and fulfils even pharmaceutical standards.

Thanks to Marie’s comprehensive knowledge in the areas of medicine and medicinal plants, she has developed her own methodology to treat the skin from the inside as well as the outside. Her formulas and gentle production methods are unique worldwide. The result are highly effective products with the maximum of active plant nutrients.

Together with Julia Atzesberger, Marie Carrasquedo has created a skincare line, which helps the skin to protect itself from the daily aggressions it is exposed to. Julia and Marie are setting new standards for organic cosmetics, but believe that even though they offer luxury quality, it should be affordable. Their vision is a healthy lifestyle for everyone in harmony with nature and its resources.

Silk Resurrection

Firming & Reviving Serum

Profoundly revitalising and firming, this extraordinary serum is a powerful anti-ageing treatment that smoothes, calms and repairs skin tissue.

Highly active yet calming plant extracts soothe reactive and damaged skin, while repairing the affected hydrolipidic film. The lipid free formula makes it the ideal treatment for a variety of hard to treat skin conditions.

This potent serum reconstructs damaged tissue from within by activating the skin’s natural regeneration power, resulting in firm and revived skin.


• Profoundly regenerates and revives

• Firms and tightens

• Treats lines and wrinkles

• Eye contour

• Smoothes and softens

• Calms and repairs the hydrolipidic film

• Prevents premature ageing

Early explorer

Plants and their healing powers have always fascinated Marie Carrasquedo. Already at age 12 she conducts her first experiments with plants and their effects. She starts with the studies of biology and medicine, although she wants to specialise in naturopathy and holistic medicine. Soon Marie searches for the best specialists in aromatherapy and phytotherapy in Paris to learn directly from them.

By coincidence Marie gets in touch with osteopathy and Francis Peyralade, one of France’s leading osteopaths at the time, teaches her the discipline of Cranio-Sacral osteopathy. 1991 Marie is invited to Colombia by Dr. John Raúl Sabogal to teach a group of doctors and therapists in the areas of aromatherapy, phytotherapy and osteopathy. During her stay in Colombia she studies homotoxicology by Reckeweg.

Nature is the wisest teacher

By the age of 20, Marie has already created her first formulas and produces small batches of organic skincare. Several years later Marie builds her own laboratory in a national park close to the Pyrenees.

She has always turned to nature for inspiration, as nature has a head start of millions of years compared to our inventions. Marie’s passion for plants combined with her autodidactic studies have enabled her to create unique and highly effective methodology and formulas.

Her biggest challenge was to eliminate all substances, which are commonly used in organic skincare, but are not beneficial for the skin. Each product formula works in accordance with the skin’s natural functions and allows it to breath freely and to segregate toxins.

Sustainable entrepreneurial spirit

Julia’s background has been in creative professions as well as the creation and development of companies. Her passion are the small mission driven businesses, which offer sustainable products and aim for a positive change in our society.

She is fascinated by the new opportunities of the digital age, where also smaller brands can raise awareness on an international level. They can now invest in the quality and sustainability of their products as opposed to spending most of their budget on advertising.

When Julia meets Marie by coincidence, she is intrigued by Marie’s knowledge of nature and its healing powers. In their project LE PURE the focus is not only on the skincare products, but also wants to spread Marie’s know-how and contribute to the conservation of our planet’s biodiversity


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