Kodama Zomes

Kodama Zomes are a whole new experience in hanging love seats, beds, and private spaces. They’re the synthesis of geodesic domes, which were invented by revolutionary architect Buckminster Fuller, and zonodehral polygons, as found in natural geometry. The name “zome,” in fact, comes from the combination of zonohedra and dome.

A combination of art and structure, of engineering and architecture, of sacred geometry and human proportion, Kodama Zomes are the game changer that redefines comfortable living.

Richie Duncan is a licensed civil and structural engineer, inventor of the hanging zome, and founder of Kodama Zomes.

With a passion for bridging the worlds of creativity with structure, and of curves with straight lines, the hanging zome has become the perfect expression of his life’s passion. He is a natural builder who loves to work with wood, clay and straw and is also a published author in the International Residential Code. When he realized that building hanging zomes out of clay and straw was not going to work, he bought a welder and a sewing machine taught himself the new skills. Years later, Kodama Zomes was born and has expanded to a team of talented craftspeople. From a odd and quirky idea, he has taken his skill set of designer/engineer/builder to create a new lifestyle and profession that supports his desire to promote health, inspiration, and fun.


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