Knightsbridge Rocks

Born out of a passion for fine jewels in every shape and form, Knightsbridge Rocks is an artfully curated selection of beautiful pieces from cocktail rings to the finest diamond earrings. Each jewel is lovingly sourced through an intricate network of auctions, estate sales, dealers and private collections. Buying only from trusted expert sources, our established suppliers have far reaching reputations in their fields.

Beauty, quality and craftsmanship are prized features in our global treasure hunt. At Knightsbridge Rocks we view jewels as works of art as well as canny investment pieces. Searching for unique pieces that offer clients access to vintage and contemporary jewellery at affordable prices, we also offer guidance with special occasion gifts as well as styling advice for important events. We always have an eye to fashion and only buy pieces that we absolutely love. We hope you will too.