Introducing Kozmophone

Playing music from a disc record is quite a magical experience. Putting the record on, placing the needle, really sets the mood and allows you to appreciate and enjoy music in a total authentic way.

This year marks the 140th anniversary of the invention of the original phonograph, by Thomas Edison.

”The phonograph forever transformed the face of music, and to pay tribute, we wanted to bring that iconic shape back, but updated with today’s style and technology. In a world where style and audio go hand in hand, Kozmophone would be a spectacular piece of art and the perfect companion in everyone’s home or office.”

A touch of the future!

You will be able to upload holograms from our website to your Kozmophone. Choose from people dancing to the type of music you’re listening to, or musical notes flying around. The possibilities are endless.

Take the sound with you!

For you to make the most out of the state of the art speaker, they made it portable. When you want our signature sound with you, just take it out of the stand and you’re good to go! Fully charged and functional.

When not listening to a vinyl record, you can still use Kozmophone as a speaker. Just connect it via Bluetooth and you’ll be able to play music from your mobile device or computer.

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