Jaguars, macaws, panthers and impalas frolic through lush natural settings under the watchful eye of naturalist and painter Robert Dallet. This porcelain collection breathes new life into the full range of the artist’s work, from spontaneous sketches to hyperrealist gouache paintings.

When Benoît-Pierre Emery, creative director of Objets et La Table at Hermès, was choosing the focus for his latest collection, Carnets d’Equateur, he knew that the work of naturalist painter Robert Dallet would be ideal. “We wanted for a long time to develop a new service around an animal theme,” says Emery. “When we started thinking about its creation, Robert Dallet quickly came to mind. He is passionate and classic without being academic. His lightness, delicacy, and elegance, which fit perfectly to the style of Hermès, made him an obvious choice.”

This unique porcelain collection—which features 35 pieces, including teacups, tart platters, change trays, and vases—encapsulates Dallet’s creative journey, from spontaneous first sketch to finished portrait, with each item devoted to a particular technique, such as charcoal sketching or colorful gouache. Together they complement one another to produce a fresh, exotic tables cape.


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