Kirsty Whyte and Paul Tanner met while working at Habitat and then both joined MADE.COM as two of their earliest employees. Kirsty is the designer & creative director, and Paul works on the production .Together they have a made a formidable team and and have taken designs from the sketch phase to mass production for Heals, M&S, and Habitat.
FREEDOM TO EXIST the company name represents our desire to move away from the noise of branding and technology. Our timepieces are non-branded and they’re an antidote to the Applewatch/Fitbit’s of this world. Its an exquisite product that tells the time, nothing more and nothing less.

We believe freedom is the freedom to choose, to fall in love, to wear what you want, how you want to. It’s the Freedom To Exist.

FREEDOM TO EXIST have a 30mm watch available now, with a larger 40mm version launching in September 2016.


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