Franz Siccardi

Designed by Franz Siccardi, this abstract sculptural work of art will infuse any decor with spell-binding sophistication. A solid square base fashioned out of white Carrara marble merges with an open iron frame, their geometric harmony and material contrast creating breathtaking lightness and textural depth. Daring and radical, Ta_Volo®, a deft portmanteau, bridges the Italian words “volo” (flying) and “tavolo” (table), epitomizing the dynamic interplay of power of nature (through stone) and man (through iron) present in this work.

Franz Siccardi (born Milan 1964) in 1989 took his degree in Architecture at the Politecnico.

From 1989 to 1995 he cooperated with the architects Mauro Galantino, Enrico Mantero, Vittorio Gregotti and Leonardo Fiori.

He started his own firm in 1995, dedicating to architecture, design, and urban&landscape projects.

From 2014 he oversees the concept, design and realization of MDFF – Milano Design Film Festival – settings.

Aim of the activity of Franz Siccardi is to achieve the highest architectural quality through active team cooperation, starting from the concept definition and getting to the final realization through careful structural intervention, continuous sensitive dialogue with clients, partners and suppliers, as well as through final fine tuning.

Practice is driven by a consistent philosophical approach finalized to give a unique strong touch, instead of a predetermined style.

Relationship of each project with its own environmental context, functions and clients’ values are the key drivers of Franz Siccardi’s approach.

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