Francesco Risso

True-to-form, Marni have created an iconic Autumn Winter 18 collection. Designer and man-of-the-world, Francesco Risso was inspired by the idea of intuition, connecting cultures and exploring their endless limitations, all of which mixed with a spoon full of divertimento (fun).

Known for his creative authenticity, Francesco Risso is the driving force behind this seasons collection, ultimately, creating a metaphoric oxymoron driven purely by his intuition and sense of fun. “I really wanted to let myself go and to have fun and I wanted other people to have fun also.”

Risso explains, “It is all bought up with intuition, so in this journey and the tribe of worlds you have to pick something and have to pick through either euphoria or intuition.” The various juxtapositions throughout the collection reflect the concept of knowing no boundaries. From throwing in random disproportionate garments in the creative mix, to his use of Chinese brocades, African stripes and even English tweed. Risso says, “The world is becoming so small and we are all so much closer to each-other and for me, that is was the challenge of this collection, to create connection and so it’s to be worn everywhere.”

Creating bold and iconic garments, Marni demonstrate an abundance of innovative and stylish designs. When asked who embodies the collection, Risso said. “I thought about the state of mind and travelling through the states of minds. It could be [anyone from] David Hockney, to a guy who works in a laboratory, to a guy who lives in Africa or India. It’s global. It’s really meant to all be in the mixer.”

Marni Autumn Winter 18 also intertwined work from artist Frank Navin. Using his paintings, they industristically applied his art throughout their garments, specifically on their printed t-shirts. Inspired by animals, objects and laboratory items Navin’s work adds another layer to the Marni story, again, reinstating the concept of an oxymoron.

Whether it be micro or macro, proportionate or disproportionate, Marni Autumn Winter 18 is all about juxtapositions and unanticipated connections. Creating a beautiful yet thought-provoking show, the whole collection conveys a journey through different worlds, exploring Marni’s creative boundaries and ultimately reflecting their only rule, “there are no rules”.




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