Dr Jackson’s

Dr Jackson’s is a niche, science-led cosmetics company that creates luxury skincare products and herbal tea blends using the best ingredients nature has to offer.


Dr Jackson’s products are based on the principles of pharmacognosy, the study of natural products and the traditional uses of plants. Drawn from leading scientific research, we use techniques that mimic the way natural ingredients are extracted at the source. All of our ingredients are rigorously tested to ensure the utmost purity. We formulate products that care for the skin in the most natural and effective way possible.


After devoting over two decades, researching and studying indigenous plants and their uses in traditional medicines as well as testing them in the lab, founder Dr Simon Jackson established his eponymous line of world-renowned skincare products. His journey included research positions at King’s College, University of London and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, as well as visits to local healers in the Amazon, Indonesia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

His dream to launch a unique range of natural skincare products, applying his expert scientific knowledge, was consolidated by time spent living in East London among creatives. That experience played an important role in shaping the stylish aesthetic and spirit of the brand.

Today, Dr Jackson’s stays true to its original vision and ethos under the direction of Dr Lori Bystrom, PhD, in her role as Chief Scientific Officer, continuing the brand’s natural product research and development.


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