Dauphine, the English bespoke perfume jewellery company founded in the heart of London exceeds a bounty of beauty and elegance. Passionate about reprising an era when fine perfume and personal ritual were intimately choreographed together.

Inspired to design the world’s most innovatively luxurious flaçon à parfum, friends Dugal Reid and John Horner collaborated with the finest craftsmen in England for over seven years to create Dauphine. Exquisitely designed and finely engineered in solid silver, then overlaid in the purest hand-ground enamels, Dauphine is elegant, timeless and makes a significant impact of opulence. Guilloché Hand crafted from sterling silver, each of our decorated Dauphines passes through multiple stages of precision engraving to create the intricate finish known as Guilloché. An ancient and meticulous decorative technique that brings vibrant life and light to the surface of precious metals that underlay the fine enamel. Enamelling Using a pestle and mortar a secret recipe of glass, water and metal oxide is ground by hand for many hours. When ready, the water is removed leaving a very fine paste that forms the basis for the hard enamel. A feather quill is then used to apply a coat of the paste to the surface of the silver, ensuring that the entire guilloché area is covered. The Dauphine is then fired in a furnace at temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, fusing the enamel to the silver and forming a layer of glass. After cooling, the body surface is manually ground with a diamond file to restore an exact shape and surface. This whole process demands the upmost level of skill, experience and patience and is repeated time and time again, until the enamel covers the peaks and fills the valleys of each intricate guilloché pattern. When the final stages of firing are completed, the Dauphine is polished and buffed to perfection, revealing the beautiful, glass smooth, translucent finish.

“Designed and Engineered by the Finest Craftsmen in England”

  The Creator, Dugal Reid Dugal is incredibly passionate about Dauphine and this clearly shows in the quality of this extraordinary piece of craftsmanship. Giving a fountain of blessings and generosity to the individual who is lucky enough to be able to own one of these bespoke pieces of art. Following a career as an officer in the British Royal Navy, Dugal spent twenty years based in South East Asia, establishing conservation and sustainability partnerships involving governments, the UN, World Bank, NGOs and the private sector. Dugal’s interest in sustainability then led him to establish Oxford index, a groundbreaking company that helps clients manage the social, environmental and economic risks and impacts of their investments. Passionate about the Asian elephant and its plight in the wild and in captivity, Dugal co founded the Asian elephant conservation charity, elephant family and now spends his time between Bali and London. POA :-

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