In 2013 we stumbled upon a bolt of organically tanned leather from Tärnsjö, Sweden. We were completely blown away by how it looked and felt. So that’s when we made a decision.

Without any past experience with leather or leather craft, we only had our gut and instincts to go on. We wanted to make items that were unpretentious, free from tacky additions and #madetoage. It’s a vision we still live by.

After refining our workshop and booming at home in Estonia, we set sail for London to prove that our simple, straightforward approach was greater than the sum of its parts. So far so good. We were picked up and featured by Monocle, we are doing our first design week (link LDF 2016 vahelehele) and we have just opened our independent shop and mini-workshop next to London Fields at Netil Market, E8 3RL.


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