Chloe Rose

Chloe Rose was 20 years old when she graduated from FIDM in 2011, downtown Los Angeles with a degree in Product Development. The plan was to take the whole summer off but she couldn’t last more then a couple weeks without figuring out what her next move was. Chloe decided that the ultimate goal was to live and work at the beach, so with that said, she decided to make and sell bikinis! Chloe spent the rest of the summer researching everything she possibly could about the swimwear industry and every detail of what goes into making a bikini. By that January, she had a collection of 8 swimwear styles and around 1,500 bikinis all together.

Chloes next move was to bring her bikinis to the beach. She opened up her own bikini kiosk in Santa Monica, California at an outdoor shopping center a couple blocks away from the ocean. Chloe wasnt sure if she would even sell one bikini but she decided to set up shop anways and on her first day she had sold multiple within the first 20 minutes. Chloe worked 7 days a week 11-9 on the weekdays and 10-10 on the weekends so she could really experience customer feed back first hand. The kiosk was more successful then she could have ever imagine and Chloe ended up having to produce even more bikinis then she originally had on hand that summer.

 Chloe still does every thing herself from designing each style, to fabric runs, to packing and shipping your bikinis. She has now begun her newest most exciting venture yet, a 1973 VW mobile bikinis bus! You can find Chloe traveling around to all the beaches in California, doing what she does best, selling kinis to girls at the beach!


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