Charlotte Valkenier

Charlotte Valkeniers launched her jewellery label in 2013, and follows a minimalistic approach throughout all of her collections. Every single one of her pieces is intricate and unique with an emphasis on attention to detail.

For SS16, Valkeniers’ new collection ‘The Analysis of Logic’ looks at the development of different types of binary coding; The result of this theory being that life could be simplified or reduced down to a series of straightforward propositions.

It interprets a centuries old system of representing numbers, letters, commands, images and sounds into a visual play of dots and dashes, zeros and ones. This season the collection has been developed to be finer, more delicate and is really balancing on the verge of fine jewellery. For the first time ever, Charlotte has also used polished silver and gold in combination with her signature satin finish.

In 2015 Charlotte was also nominated as a finalist for the Jewellery Awards as well as shortlisted in the Professional Jeweller Hot 100. Charlotte Valkeniers has been featured in publications such as Vogue Italia, ELLE, Women & Home, Purple, Another, Glamour and Hunger magazine.


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