Cactus de Cartier

Cactus de Cartier. Radiantly beautiful. A flower unlike any … Cactus de CartierCartier draws inspiration from the cactus in these astonishing new creations. The warmth of yellow gold and the arid beauty of flowers made of emeralds, chrysoprase, carnelians or lapis fuel the soon-to-be iconic.

The jewels within the Cactus de Cartier collection are bold, with shapes that are at once geometric and sensuous, spiky and soft, and decorated with vivid shades of gemstones set in warm yellow gold that captures the heat of the desert. This is certainly not jewellery for wallflowers.

The modern collection can be split into distinct design avenues, the boldest of which are large, sculptural designs adorned with emerald, chrysoprase and carnelian beads. These jewels represent the cactus in full bloom, which often only happens at night, a metaphor that will appeal to those seeking out new evening jewels.

Cartier describes the cactus as “rebellious and resistant, tempting and haunting”, and while it may seem like a prickly choice when placed next to the more traditionally beautiful blooms in the Cartier archives, this precious reimagining of an often undervalued succulent has us completely enchanted.


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