Boudoir des Lubies

Boudoir des Lubies’s concept handbag is designed with interchangeable flaps that allow you to change your bag to suit your mood and occasion with just a couple of snaps. A black bag for daytime can be transformed instantly by adding a crocodile flap and voila … the look is reworked, more sophisticated for the evening. The signature bag is created by the best craftsmen of France, employing traditional French techniques.

The Designer

After obtaining her degree in Architecture, Myra started her career with a variety of architecture firms, design studios, and construction companies. After working some time in design and architecture, in 2011 she created her own brand Boudoir des Lubies, to better express her sense of aesthetics and appreciation of beauty.

Using her TYPICAL FRENCH TOUCH, she commenced with LUXURY HANDBAGS AND LEATHER ACCESSORIES, naming her first COLLECTION OF SCARVES after the Seven Deadly Sins.

When Myra designs, she tries to create SMART, USEFUL, AND PRACTICAL PRODUCTS. She focuses on what’s TRENDY in FASHION, and infuses it with GEOMETRIC SHAPES, AND SHARP LINES.

As a globetrotter SHE TRAVELS THE WORLD in search of SPECIAL MATERIALS to use in her collections. From exotic leathers to metallic details SHE CREATES CONCEPTS, IDEAS, and sketches together with THE BEST FRENCH MANUFACTURES to arrive at a final product.


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