For 50 years, in the family company, Baldowski in Częstochowa, the interior has always played the most important role.

We pay attention to the smallest detail while designing shoes and creating unique collections: We know that a beautiful form will highlight the owners’ character, but we remember that only comfortable shoes will give them real pleasure.

We always add a bit of us when observing trends: already in the 70s, we were one of the pioneers of elegant models of stilettos for women; we felt that only such shoes can be the answer to what women hide inside – the need for luxury and the willingness to reach higher and higher and get further and further in life!

Now, we offer “the it” in our cutting-edge collections in collaboration with Polish designers. The first spectacular success was Baldowski by Zień project, and presently, our collection designed by Dominika Nowak is a triumph. The designer has won many Polish and foreign awards and honours, and her shoes are available in the most prestigious boutiques in the world.


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