Azzi Glasser

Azzi launches her exclusive fragrances & candles in The Conran Shop and Harvey Nichols, incredible fragrances made for the soul by the sensational Azzi Glasser. Azzi Glasser is a British perfume designer as well as a creator of olfactory art. Azzi was born in North London and spent her early years in India which is one of her greatest inspirations. She launched her career in perfumery when she joined CPL Aromas in 1991 from there branching out to form her own companies, Agent Provocateur Parfum Ltd in 1999, INA Crystals in 2007, Family Three in 2001 and Bella Freud Parfum in 2014. October 2015 saw multi-award winning perfume designer Azzi Glasser launch her long awaited debut collection of men’s, women’s and unisex fragrances. Under the moniker, The Perfumer’s Story, this was the first time that Azzi, who is known for her ground-breaking fragrances and iconic client portfolio, made these scents available at retail.

The desire to relate both emotionally and personally to a fragrance is a growing trend in the luxury market. Many people now want a perfume that suits them and not one that suits a market trend. ‘The Perfumer’s Story By Azzi’ has become one of the key brands leading the way in niche perfumes, tailored to the individual by trained fragrance stylists.

“I never feel fully dressed or go on set without my perfume. It’s a protective cloud, invisible armour, emotional touchstone, and part portal to make believe land. Some people say the past is another country and in a way she makes passport perfumes. I know she always makes them with passion and love – and that cleverest and sensitive, poetic nose of hers.”

Helena Bonham Carter

“Azzi possesses a certain sorcery, in that she is capable of capturing the perfect essence of a character in scent.”

Johnny Depp

“Having spent time together, through her own extraordinary intuition and sensory skills, she made me a scent I love! She has made me a scent I feel like I’ve always had, it is me, I just never had it in a bottle before!”

Jude Law

Others include: – Tom Hardy, Kylie Minouge, Orlando Bloom.

Azzi has also had collaborated with many international galleries and designers such as Bella Freud, Alexander McQueen, Nicole Farhi, Saatchi Gallery & Chiltern Firehouse.

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