Awana Atelier

Unique in its industry, the brand has been created by Brazillian entrepreneur Adriano Engelke with the key premise that each shoe is ‘Handmade with respect in Brazil’. Awana Atelier use only locally sourced materials and traditional craftsmanship, pairing with factories that invest in training and skills.

Glamourous, feminine and versatile, the brand will launch with a core collection of 10 styles ranging from heels to ats that can be worn both as daywear and eveningwear, giving a touch of enduring elegance to any out.

Commenting on the brand, Adriano said, “Today’s consumer’s are savvy. They can see through fake stories. Awana Atelier’s values remain true to the consumer’s choice of believing in a sustainable future world, rather than asking them to believe in an aspirational story.”

High quality with superb attention to detail and comfort to the fore, Awana Atelier’s styles are built to last. The brand’s design aesthetic and the quality means that, like a classic piece of furniture the styles are ageless and timeless.


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