"A New Era - It’s quite simply, a celebration of all things luxury."

Rachel Bates

Everything that you will find in our stunning on-line boutique has been very thoughtfully & elegantly curated, to help you implement our beautiful looks with great ease, in your own home.

As an interior designer, my dream has always been to launch my own brand and collections. From the outset, the key elements for my product designs were very clear in my mind and my benchmark was that everything I produce must always be, stylish, colourful, elegant, exquisite, of beautiful quality and craftsmanship and produced for me by some of the finest manufacturers and artisans in the world.

This site showcases my launch collections, amazing collaborations between myself and leading luxury brands and collections and brands that are exclusive to our on-line boutique. 


Absolutely everything is very thoughtfully selected. We do all the hard work for you to ensure everything fits together perfectly & harmoniously and enables you to simply enjoy your shopping experience and then implement the look with ease in your home.

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At a glance

Founder: Rachel Bates
Headquarters: Cheshire, UK
Sector: Retail
Products: Luxury Goods

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