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Summer Tutoring

The summer vacation, extending as it does for some students from mid-May to late August, represents an ideal time for students to catch up or get ahead.  Many young people balk at the idea that a busy school year is followed by more work during their summer vacation, but it doesn’t have to be so unpleasant. 

For some students, a summer tutor is a chance to get ahead for the next year or fill in gaps from the last.  This is as useful for those who need top grades to reach their dreams as it is for those who may be falling behind or finding something difficult.  For others, it’s a way to keep brains engaged, to be able to start where they left off when school resumes in the autumn.  It offers parents a way to provide structured activities to stretch a young mind – having a really creative educator around ensures that the summer is productive and educationally rich.  Or it might allow for a student to complete a project that they did not have time for during term time.  And, of course, it also means that parents themselves can get some downtime, safe in the knowledge that their children are being well looked-after and even learning something!

When we are asked for summer tutors we make sure to take into account the family’s plans, to make sure that the tutoring arrangements do not encroach on other arrangements. It’s important that our tutor is sensitive to the circumstances and appreciates that it is, after all, the summer vacation – a time for play and rest as well as an opportunity for intensive preparation.  Tutors can be placed wherever you plan to travel, they can travel with you, and assignments can be found for both long or short periods.

If summer tutoring is something you are considering, please get in touch with us as early as possible.  Teachers generally want some time off in the summer, and many will already have plans or social engagements.  To ensure that we get the very best applicants the earlier we start looking the better the choices will be.  As with many things in life, the further ahead you plan, the better.

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