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Athletes and Performers

If you have a child that is considering making a sport their career, or who wants to become stage performer – musician, or acting for example – the likelihood is that you will need to consider period time travelling, training, competing or touring, away from home.  For young professional polo players from England, for example, a period of training under the guidance of the best coaches in Argentina, would certainly provide a competitive edge that many may not have the means to experience.

But how can a family marry a stint overseas with their existing educational plans – it would foolish to abandon a good education in the hope that a high-level sport or performing career beckons, so it is essential to ensure that professional aspirations do not impact deleteriously on the chances of getting to a good University.  This applies no matter what age a student is when the chance for some serious and intensive coaching comes along.  How can anyone be expected to give the coaching their all if they need to go to school at certain times of the day and fit homework and exam preparation in at the same time?

One way to solve this problem is to take a school with along too.  There are several ways that this can be done, but by far the best option is to engage a full time private tutor.  That way the tutor can refine the content and concentrate it into the available time to maximise productivity.  Obviously, this is only workable if the tutor is exactly the right person, someone self-sufficient and easygoing, yet highly organised and knowledgeable across all your subjects.

Paying for a carefully selected full time private tutor to support a budding young professional, and providing accommodation for them too is, of course, an additional expense.  But set against potential career earnings, or sports that require expensive horses or racing cars, for example, it is certainly worth considering.

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