About Charlotte Curtis, Founder & CEO 

Prior to founding The Wonder List, Charlotte spent 12 years in the events industry working with international luxury lifestyle, fashion & beauty brands and with high-profile clients; a rewarding role with exposure to incredibly artistic people and a wonderful catalogue of desirable things! 

It was this fascination for precious and alluring items, that provoked Charlotte to discover and share her treasured lifestyle, fashion and beauty finds. The appreciation for innovation and crafts led Charlotte and her team to curate a space with all their latest discoveries called The Wonder List.

Three years after creating The Wonder List Blog Charlotte has an established brand within the world of Luxury, with exclusive collaborations from across the globe. 

All enquiries please contact mail@thewonderlist.co.uk

About The Wonder List Travel, Jeremy Sutton, Director of Travel 

Jeremy Sutton had joined forces with The Wonder List as the new Director of Travel. Jeremy is the Founder of the Quintessentially Travel Group and brings his many years of experience within the luxury travel market and accepts only the highest standards in his pursuit of excellence for our clients. The Wonder List now has our own personalized luxury travel booking service for our readers who recognise the need for a dedicated, professional touch in the arrangements of their luxury travel. We offer bespoke luxury holidays with impartial advice and we have the ability to design luxury holidays without compromise. 

Please contact Jeremy on jeremy@thewonderlist.co.uk for any travel enquiries that you might have. 

About The Wonder List Education, Adam Caller, Founder of Tutors International 

Tutors International is a full service educational company that provides the very best tutoring solutions for families wherever they are globally.
The company specialises in full-time or long-term residential private tutors anywhere in the world.

''A Private Tutoring Company That Really Is Different''

Bespoke Service
Tutors International can provide tuition in any curriculum or language, whether the UK GCSE and A levels, the US High School system, some other country's curriculum, a hybrid approach, or something novel.  The exact offering is designed to meet the individual needs of each family and student.  

As well as matching the education requirements, Tutors International also ensure their tutor will fit the lifestyle of each client.  For example, Tutors International have provided tutors that have enabled families to split their time between homes whilst keeping children with them, or allowed a student to train for high level competitive sport without their education suffering.  They frequently receive requests from families planning to travel and who want an excellent teacher along with them.

Please contact mail@thewonderlist.co.uk for more information on the service we offer.


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The Wonder List scours the globe for hidden talents, unique products, innovative design and quite frankly anything we desire and lust after! If we’ve just described your product then find out how you can work with us. I will consider all items if you believe you belong within The Wonder List.

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